Hello good afternoon to all, today 14/November/2017 We are proud to present the dissertation of the student Itzel Landa Juárez, entitled “Microstructural alterations in non-human bone tissue (sus Scrofa) by defects of exposure to dry heat” as part of its Project of qualification in the specialization in forensic anthropology, taught by the National School of Anthropology and history, And that the verdict of his work on the part of the jury was accepted with honorable mention and right to publication. It is an Honor to be the first of the first generation in the history of the specialty in forensic anthropology, so we extend a cordial congratulations and encourage you to continue working in the forensic field professionally. We leave the file in case someone wants to review and can be useful.


In a case of forensic investigation, it is important to obtain information on all indications, including those exposed to fire or heat to make an identification during the analysis.

The bones exposed to heat usually present significant alterations in both physical and chemical properties and this can obtaculizar the forensic anthropological analyses and it is for this reason that it is necessary to investigate and to carry out studies that Provide useful and necessary information to make accurate descriptions and compasses that lead to an approximate outcome of what happened in the case. This study was made with fragments of pig bone (Sus scrofa domesticus), them to a laboratory furnace (muffle) at temperatures of 300 ° C, 400 ° C, 500 ° C 600 ° C, 700 ºc, 800 ºc and 900 ° C for exposure periods of 15 minutes and 30 minutes; These fragments were observed in the scanning electron microscope (MEB).

I considered observing and analysing several aspects of macroscopic and microscopic observations such as the following:
macroscopically were color, shrinkage, weight loss and fractures.
Microscopically they were the size and shape of the osteons, the Havers conduits, the fractures and the crystals.

Antropologia Forense Tesina (Sus scrofa)IMG_1442IMG_1447IMG_1457IMG_1451IMG_1441IMG_1467IMG_1473IMG_1498 - copiaIMG_1470Antropologia Forense Tesina (Sus scrofa)


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